art manoeuvres, event and exhibition series with Sheelagh Broderick, 2017.

art manoeuvres was established as a response to the context for making art work in Ireland. We positioned ourselves at the edge between art institutions and pressing social and political concerns. It was key move in our artistic development finding potential for generative work in a formation that is ‘more than one’, adopting an artistic methodology of performative curating.

In 2017 art manoeuvres held twenty- eight events, culminating in two main events in West Cork, Ireland to create a collaborative platform of inquiry into conditions of and responses to 1) Emergency and 2) Survival, as they are understood in the communities of West Cork and practiced in both private and public domains. The events were presented against the context of burgeoning global crisis, as it is viewed in relation to the effects of climate change, the refugee crisis and global political instability and local insecurities as it relates to housing, food production, security and sustainability.

These events culminated in an overnight event, This is not a Dream, on 29 July 2017 repurposing of Uilllin West Cork Arts Centre as a sanctuary.

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